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#ExfoliMATE | Magic Exfoliating Body Cloth, for soft and young skin!


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Last year, I introduced you all to a new way of exfoliating your skin, called ExfoliMATE. That particular means, looked pretty scary, but was very safe and effective. Well, the folks from Green Heart Labs, have created another great way to exfoliate, that isn't as intimidating, but is just as effective!

Say hello to the ExfoliMATE Magic Body Cloth! With a feel similar to a great loofah, this body cloth will exfoliate your skin like you wouldn't believe. It is long enough to hold in each hand while scrubbing your back, and the results will have you loving you soft skin!

Exfoliating your skin is essential, as it helps to clear away dead skin cells, and clean deep down into pores, eliminating acne - and with the summer months right around the corner, bringing bathing suits, sun dresses, and tank tops, the last thing you want is back acne!

In addition, exfoliating your hips, thighs, and booty, will get rid of those annoying little bumps, that seem to plaque us as we age! 

This cloth is long, thin, and amazing. I love that it dries fully, in such a short amount of time, and cleaning it is simple - just toss it in the wash, on a normal setting, and let it air dry!

Are you ready for softer and more youthful looking skin? Then you have to grab one of these amazing ExfoliMATE body cloths...just head on over to Amazon, or the Green Heart Labs website, and get started!

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