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Mamaway, for postpartum survival! #pregnancy #postpartum #baby


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When you are pregnant, you spend most of your time focusing on all things baby...picking out cute baby clothes, preparing the house for baby, and thinking about what kind of baby gear you are going to need. However, often times we find ourselves forgetting, or at least overlooking until the last minute, exactly what it is that WE need after the baby is born.

A lot of the items we need, will be based on what we decide will work best for our families...breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, will determine whether you will need nursing wear. Deciding whether or not you want to baby wear, will determine if you need a baby carrier, and what kind (don't be mistaken, this one isn't just about baby!) Along with a host of other items, that while some people say are unnecessary, are life savers for others. Items such as post partum belly bands.

What ever you decide to do, and what ever works best for you family, just know that there are items out there that will help, and companies that have your back, no matter the item. Mamaway is one such company, and they carry a lot of the items I need, as a breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping mama!

I am more than amazed by the items that Mamaway has provided for my ultimate comfort, after the birth of my sweet Baby Elizabeth, this coming November. Starting with several different types of nursing bras, including this Crossover Maternity/Nursing Bra, which makes night time nursing so much easier! One awesome thing about this nursing bra, aside from its insane softness (which is awesome for breastfeeding mamas, due to increase in sensitivity), is that it is antibacterial!
Mamaway has also provided me with both a belly band, and a bra shaper tank, that will help ease, and assist, my abdominal area, as it returns to pre-pregnancy size. Both of these items are easy to use, and offer a great amount of comfort, which is important when you are fresh out of giving birth! One great feature of the bra shaper tank, aside from its ability to add support, is the ability to nurse in it. Just like with their nursing bras, this tank is easy to pull aside, so your little one can latch on. The straps are wide, adding extra support for your top half, that will likely have grown in size, after your milk has come in.

But wait, you might be saying, what if I don't intend to breastfeed? That's okay! Each of these items - yes, even the nursing bra - can still provide you with comfort and support that you need, postpartum!

You can get the Nursing Bra, Belly Band, Bra Shaper Tank, and much more, in the Mamaway shop on Amazon!

                                                                            *I received the items in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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