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#BehindTheBlogger Hold My Hand

#BehindTheBlogger Hold My Hand

Back to School is in full swing across the Country, and for us, it started on Monday...this year, I sent my youngest off to Kindergarten, while my new 4th grader, stayed home for yet another year of homeschool.

I have been by my babies side, since the moment they were born. They have never been to daycare, or had a sitter, and I have had the responsibility of raising them into good little people, with the help of my husband.

Here's the thing, even though I do the majority of the childrearing, after all, I AM a Stay at home mom, my husband has done so much for these kids. They learn new things from him every single day, but somehow society has deemed dads "babysitters" and they don't give them much credit for the things that they teach their children.

So, on the first day of school, when my daughter said "Daddy, hold my hand" I knew, like I always have, that her daddy is so much more than just a "babysitter" He is her hero, and she was going to miss him...she knew, that while she was going to see me at lunch, and that I was going to pick her up from school, because daddy works, morning dropoffs are special, because Daddy can hold her hand...and in doing so, can ease her fears.

You know what...it wasn't just something that his baby girl did, either. His one and only boy, did the same thing, on his first day of Kindergarten! There is something about holding daddy's hand, that can put your fears at ease, and I am so glad that my babies have such an awesome daddy.

We have a new little one, joining us in November, and although I know I will likely cry, I can't wait for her first day of Kindergarten, when she will utter those same words, in her tiny little voice..."Daddy, hold my hand"


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