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#BehindTheBlogger Let It Go

#BehindTheBlogger Let It Go

Let It Go...I am sure that at this point, the first thing people think of when they hear that phrase, is a certain Disney Ice Princess, who has had enough. Truth be told, I did too...then my mind did some kind of crazy warp thing, and immediately turned those same words into Let It Be, and I started singing...a just because he is amazing, here is a little Paul McCartney!

Let it Go, and Let it Be...just two ways, of telling you the same thing...move forward, and LIVE! No matter which motto you choose to live by, its important that you do live by one. Holding on to hate, or anger, disappointment, and grudges, does nothing more than bring you down. It holds you back, and it ruins relationships, that could have been saved.

I learned this the hard way, and held grudges for a long time, and in doing so, I missed out on more than 10 years of family memories. It wasn't until I become a mother, that I made the decision to let past disappointments, go. I let go of any anger that I had over being placed for adoption, I let go of the abandonment feelings, I let go of the jealousy, I let go of all the things that had consumed me for so many years, and I started over. I reached out, and I grabbed on...my life changed dramatically!

I am not going to sit here and pretend that it all happened overnight, or even that some of those feelings are completely gone, but I will say this, by letting go of even some of those feelings, I was able to see the good again. I was able to remember the good times, times that had once been clouded. My attitude changed, my purpose changed, and I was happier!

So, be like Elsa, and Let It Go, or be like The Beatles, and Let It Be...either way, move forward from what is holding you back, and let yourself live again...in peace, and happiness, without the cloudiness of things that can no longer be changed.
You owe it to yourself!

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