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#BehindtheBlogger What being empowered means to me

#BehindtheBlogger What Being Empowered Means To Me

As a woman, I could say any number of things, about what being empowered is, or could be...some women think that flaunting their naked bodies, all over social media, is empowering. Some women think that being the "bread winner" of the household, is empowering. I for one would never say that this is wrong, but I will say, that it isn't necessarily on the same wave lengths as my thinking.

What being empowered means to me, is being able to make the choice for your own life, that goes against the thinking of everyone else...so for me, that means, making the choice to be a stay at home mother, and wife, off setting my professional life and education to raise my family, and being happy in the fact that while I CHOSE this life, my husband does not EXPECT it of me.

I have had many a feminist tell me that I am setting women back, by allowing myself to be placed in a gender specific role...here's the thing, in our house there is no such thing as gender specific roles, and I didn't allow anything to happen to me. Yes, I made the conscious decision to be the one that stays home to raise the kids, keep house, cook dinner, do homework, etc etc etc, however, my husband takes just as active a role, in doing all those same things. So while it may look like I have taken on the 50's housewife role by force, that is not the case at all.

In addition, once my kids have reached a certain age, I will return to school, tackle a Law Degree, and practice law...again, something that is empowering to me, because it is a choice that I am making for my life, that will not only make it better, but will have a trickle down effect, of making life better for my family!

This is what being empowered means to me...

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