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#BehindTheBlogger Fight For Your Right

#BehindTheBlogger Fight For Your Right

There are so many ways to go with this prompt, and some probably seem more obvious than others. I could easily go with having to fight for my right to nurse my baby in public, without looks of disgust, and calls to take it somewhere else, but I will save that one for another post.

It is election season, and the world is watching while two candidates are battling it out like schoolyard bullies, over who is going to gain control of the free world. To be honest, whomever comes out the victor, that leaves the rest of us having to fight for our right to be treated with human decency.

This election and its candidates have brought out the absolute WORST in society. They have brought out the people that have been hidden under a rock, but now feel as if it is safe to come to the surface, because after all, the candidates are calling for them.

Candidates who have called for violence, and bigotry, for blind eyes to criminal activities, and whose supporters have even called for an outright repeal of something that was once fought for with the literal blood, sweat, and tears, of our ancestors.

The world is sitting back and watching as we must decide, which candidate will fight for our right to live in peace, and remain free...sadly, I don't think it will come at the hands, of who we have narrowed it down too.

So, its up to us America, to fight for our right to live in peace, and happiness, to be treated with the basics of human decency, and to tell these candidates that THEY work for US...NOT the other way around. We have to fight for our right to live in a Country that cares about its citizens, instead of treating us like pawns in some sick and twisted game of rich mans monopoly, where everyone loses but the people with big bank.

We have to fight for the rights of ALL the citizens of this Country, not just a select few, because if we don't, then whats the point?

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