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#BehindTheBlogger 'Round Here

#BehindTheBlogger 'Round Here

Where to even begin...well, for starters, I have roughly 5 weeks to go before a new member of our family joins us.

That being said 'round here, days are filled with preparing for a new life. That means things like baby proofing the house, and stripping, washing, sunning, stuffing, and organizing cloth diapers.

'Round here, preparing for a new life means, multiple Doctors appointments, to check on the well being of this fragile little life, and the sanity of her mama! That also means, preparing two older children for all the chaos that comes with having a tiny baby in the house. Explaining how fragile she will be, and how, despite wanting to show her all the awesome things they know, that for a little while, she wont do anything but eat and sleep, and a few other things that both kids have deemed NASTY! lol

'Round here, preparing for new life means contractions, which for now are the dreaded and often annoying Braxton Hicks contractions...on a side note, who decided that fake contractions would be fun? Anyway, it means feeling immense pressure anytime you move, but it also means feeling life moving around...feeling those little baby kicks, squirms, and hiccups.

'Round here, preparing for life means getting daddy ready to be the "single parent" that is responsible for all things school related, therapy related, and home related, so that mama can focus on the baby for the first month of her life...I can't thank my husband enough for taking on all of that, and I can't express enough how much I DON'T envy those parents that are single parents every single day...you guys have it rough, and you have my love!

Finally, 'round here, preparing for life means, counting down to the moment when the last nine months come to a head, and everything I have been through, and all the preparations we have made, will come to fruition, and I will lay eyes on another beautiful creation, made partly of me, and partly of the love of my life. I can't wait, and my only wish is that this sweet girl knows that she is loved.

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